Gravity” narrates the story of a child who can not get over his father’s absence until it’s death in old age. EAS are addressing a societal problem, as children from broken relationships often suffer from it for a lifetime.

André Fedorow – Bass Guitar, Keyboards, IntroSpeech
Simon Moskon – Vocals, Piano, Backing Vocals
Carsten Neugebauer – E-Guitars, Guitar-Arrangements
Raquel Schüler – Backing Vocals
Mick Bruford – Drums

Music & Lyrics written by André Fedorow
Additional Songwriting Simon Moskon
Guitarsolo by Carsten Neugebauer

Engineered & Produced by André Fedorow at Stratosphere Sound Studio
Mixed & Mastered by Fabian Großberg
Additional Engineering by Gabriel Gutierrez

Coverartwork by André Fedorow

Published by Solar Fusion Publishing
Released by Progressive Art Records/Kontor New Media/EDEL

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