The progressive art rock project E*A*S was formed in 2004 by producer/songwriter André Fedorow, better known as the man behind numerous newcomer and established artist productions. Tiring of the producer world, Fedorow chose to return to his passion – prog rock, which he had grown up with. E*A*S stands for “Experimental Artificial Sphere” describes with other words our self created world. E*A*S subjects itself to no musical guidelines or trends. Traditional written and hand made progressive rock music transformed through the influence of electronica ambient elements into a special soundscape.

Sphere Commander André Fedorow

The history of the sphere in detail

The first interaction between the future E*A*S musicians André Fedorow, Daniel Salinger, Evangelos Mihailidis and Sven Arnold took place at a musician’s party in 2003.

André Fedorow, who had already made a name for himself as a producer, was given the demos of Sven Arnold and Daniel Salinger, who were both active with their own bands, that evening.

During contract productions in 2004, André came up with more and more ideas for his own song material. The right musicians had to be found to realise these ideas live. Sven Arnold was the first choice for the vocals. And guitarist Daniel Salinger, also known for his demo performance at the infamous party. All that remained was to find a drummer who could play the drums. Evangelos “Laki” Mihailidis was already a household name, as he had already shown André in the studio with his former band how quickly and confidently he could play to the clicktrack. The musicians were asked and immediately agreed, and so the first incarnation of the band was born. André and Daniel named the band project “Experimental Artificial Sphere”, or E*A*S for short. Various promotional works were then released and in 2006 the single “Faded Love” received airplay on mainstream radio stations such as Radio RTL 89.0, Antenne Niedersachsen etc. This line-up played many gigs from 2004 to 2007 and released several albums (see discography).

In the following years, E*A*S served several times as a studio and backing band for various artists such as Robert Maschio (from the TV series “Scrubs “, Rob played Dr Todd “The Todd / the Toddster” Quinlan, the HighFive man) or the British artist Tyler Roberts.

After that, the project went quiet for a while until founder and songwriter André Fedorow, as the new one-man incarnation, wrote new material and gave the project a sound makeover. New songs such as “Gravity” or “Carried Dreams” moved away from the over-represented synthesiser part of the rock band. According to the motto: “Less synthetic – more organic”. Nevertheless, the keyboards still play a major role.

Experimental Artificial Sphere can currently be found in the genres of progressive rock, new art rock and pop. They are currently working on the completion of a new album with various guest musicians.

Guest musicians

Simon Moskon (The Cryptex)
Vocals, Keyboards

Nathan King (Level 42 / Frost*)

Bjørn Riis (Airbag)

Andre Mertens (The Cryptex)

Rene Hanreich

Raquel Schüler
Vocals, Backingvocals

Daniel Salinger

Carsten Neugebauer

Sven Arnold
E-Guitar, Backingvocals

Bill Bressler

Niko Becker

Christian Nolte

Anton Gankoff (The Atrium)

Evangelos Mihailidis

fedi fedorow

David Ryan Fedorow